China vs the West – which development model for Zimbabwe?

Rebuilding Zimbabwe: Does China offer a better development model than the West?
Discussions about China’s influence in Africa largely separate people into two opposed camps: those who see China as a rapacious neo-colonial oppressor intent on making off with Africa’s natural resources, and those who see the approach based on sovereign integrity and non-interference in domestic affairs as a miraculous alternative to decades of failed Western aid. This meeting provides Parliamentarians with the opportunity to hear what Zimbabweans living in the UK have to say about how this debate affects their country.

The discussion investigates which offers a more promising future for Zimbabwe: the traditional western model of development, or a model focusing on China’s investment in the continent? Do these two approaches act to undermine or complement each other? How do they feed into the on-going debate between “state-led” and “private sector-led” development? Or can the continent take up a “new” path altogether and if so what would that look like?

The meeting was held in Committee Room 6 at the Houses of Commons and chaired by Hugh Bailey MP, chair of the Africa APPG. Speakers were Mbongeni Ngulube, Researcher, Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa, University of Leuven, Belgium and Peter Mthandazo Moyo, Co-Founder, Amabubesi Group and Chairman of Vodacom Group Limited


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