About Us

Right from the start, TGN has had two primary objectives – we will do development  i.e. actively engage with development activity in Zimbabwe and we will speak about development; bringing our voice to the international development discourse.

Doing development

Despite Zimbabwe’s immense natural wealth, the country sits at the bottom of most measures of poverty; and this is where our issue is, we are resource rich but capital poor. Our greatest need is capital – both human and financial – to turn those rich resources into tangible benefits for all our people.It is our firm belief that how development is financed has a huge impact on the outcomes. In actively engaging with Zimbabwe’s development we are working hard to move ourselves from the gift economy of aid towards more sustainable financing.

If we the Africans want Africa to develop, we must pay for that development

Raising capital for our own development is a huge challenge, but we must do our part. And its not as impossible as it at first looks – of the approximately £15 billion that goes to Africa from the UK each year, £5bn is aid, £5bn is foreign direct investment and the other £5bn is remittances from Africans working in UK. So this is what we do – we encourage each other to turn our remittances into investment capital and invest back home. We think its a good thing, and we hope you might want to join us – find out more here.

Speaking about development

But more than talking about money, we talk about development itself; we think its important to bring an African voice to the development arena. So we engage in different activitieswe hold talks within our communities as the African Diaspora, we speak at conferences and engage with policymakers, we publish papers and books, and we blog about development issues.

If you want to know about our vision for Africa’s development, please don’t ask Bono (we love him, honest!) ask us.