Development in Context

Launched in 2015, jointly with UIC Barcelona, the book features a collection of articles on urban upgrading and other spatial practices in the field of development … More Development in Context


Diaspora Direct Investment

While debates abound regarding Africa’s food security, there is some consensus that it rests in the hands of countless rural and small scale farmers – in other words, through food sovereignty. In a country like Zimbabwe where 70% of its population is rural, financing this largely informal sector is a known challenge. This presentation explores … More Diaspora Direct Investment

Reflections on Development & Co-operation

Last year we published this book, titled Reflections on Development & Cooperation, which discusses and questions very broad contemporary issues of development and its discontents including: Economic, Social and Spatial relationships within the Global North and South. This collection represents multicultural, multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary reflections envisioned as a discussion platform regarding development, cooperation, risk and … More Reflections on Development & Co-operation